How to remove the top rack from the dishwasher

Your GE Profile dishwasher utilizes two dish racks simply like some other brand. After some time, the upper rack can create issues that make it hard to work. The rollers may grab, the sliding rails may turn out to be free or the rack itself can begin to create rust. At the point when this happens, it is important to evacuate the upper rack to make repairs. Evacuating an upper rack in a GE Profile dishwasher is somewhat more required than essentially sliding the rack out of the unit. 

Stage 1 : Open the dishwasher entryway. Get the front of the upper rack with your hand, and completely broaden it out as though stacking the rack. 

Stage 2 : Locate the square tab on the rails on each side of the rack close to the end. Press the plastic tab internal with your fingers, and draw the plastic end top far from the rail. On the off chance that important, slide a little level head screwdriver between the tab and inside rail, and pry the tab toward the rack. Try not to pry too hard however, as the plastic will break under outrageous weight. 

Stage 3 : Get the upper rack on each side, and haul the rack out of the rails and far from the dishwasher. Drive the rails once more into the dishwasher while you are attempting to avert inadvertently catching them.


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